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The following news articles were published in 2017:  

Dog DNA influences face shape

A study of dog DNA has revealed a genetic mutation linked to flat face shapes such as those seen in pugs and bulldogs.

Coffee cuts liver cancer risk, study suggests

Coffee drinking may help to protect people from the most common form of primary liver cancer, research suggests.

Sanctuary walk offers support to refugees

A sponsored walk highlighting the plight of refugees is to help provide educational opportunities for displaced people in Scotland.

Oyster gene tool set to boost yields

Oyster farmers are set to benefit from a new genetic tool that will help to prevent disease outbreaks and improve yields.

Flickr study gives snapshot of coral reefs’ value

Computer-led analysis of tourist snaps has estimated that coral reefs contribute $36 billion per year to the global tourist economy.

£1.2m stroke study probes links with dementia

Stroke patients are set to benefit from a major study to investigate links with dementia.

Hi-tech talks help bring about change

A student-led charity is hosting an event to encourage social change through innovative use of technology.

Women drive quest for insights into hidden condition

Women with endometriosis – a common and painful disease linked to infertility – have called for more studies to understand its causes and find a possible cure.

Researchers identify childhood blindness gene

A genetic mutation that contributes to sight loss in children has been identified by scientists.

Drug to tackle lung scarring shows promise

People with a lung scarring condition that leaves them fighting for breath could be helped by a new medication, research suggests.

Animal welfare courses earn accolade

Two leading courses in animal welfare education have been commended for their innovative approach.

Experts seek to shape bright future for North Sea

Businesses and researchers are coming together to identify opportunities for economic development in the North Sea.