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The following news articles were published in 2017:  

Gallery head to oversee Ireland's art show at Venice

The director of the University’s contemporary art gallery is to take the helm of Ireland’s show at the world’s most prestigious visual art festival next month.

Heart test changes could save lives

New advice for doctors could prevent almost 3000 heart attacks being missed each year, Edinburgh researchers say.

Attitudes to learning may influence mental health

Students’ mental health may be tied to their approach to learning, research suggests.

Medic gains assent for Royal post

One of the UK’s most esteemed academic roles has been bestowed on a leading clinician scientist at the University of Edinburgh.

Carbon removal studies to inform climate policy

Scientists at the University are to carry out research to inform approaches to tackling climate change.

Study team in peak condition for Andes trip

Pioneering medical students are to scale one of South America’s highest peaks where they will carry out vital research.

Tweet study sheds light on Scots language use

Twitter users who back Scottish independence are more likely to use Scots words in their posts – except when tweeting about the referendum issue itself.

Ancient stone confirms date of comet strike

Evidence from a historic site appears to confirm the date of a comet strike that killed thousands.

Diabetes study offers hope for kidney patients

Scientists have identified a key molecule linked to kidney disease in people with diabetes.

Experts join £250m dementia initiative

Dementia researchers across the UK are joining forces to find new ways of tackling the condition.

Satellite project to track greenhouse gases

Scientists are preparing for the launch of a UK-French satellite that will measure greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, following official endorsement of the project.

Drones can boost African farming, experts claim

Remote sensing tools such as drones and other satellites can help farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa make better use of their land, experts say.